Tuesday, October 02, 2007

When Did Bad Health Become The Norm

For the past three months I've been visiting forums, blogs, yahoo answer, myspace.com, an many other sites having an open dialog about the problem with how food is grown, process, prepared, eaten, and eating habits. Although most are excited to receive the information and willing to do further fact finding while others have dove in face first, some however; choose to band me from the forums in the name of spamming. I continue to discover ways to get this topic into house holds all over.

People all over are on a diet trying to loose weight, while other are engaged in loosing weight for major health reasons and a vast amount of people who think it is perfectly normal. I've recently learned that all of my child hood friends are over weight and some are having many health problems do to weight control issues. I had a conversation with my parents about the health of generations prior to them. I asked; how was the overall health of people in general? They replied,
"What health issues? People lived full lives got old and past away usually in their 80's and 90's with out suffering. People past away in their sleep very peacefully in most cases.".
What about diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity issues.
"Obesity is a new word that did not exist in the past. We did not hear about diabetes or high blood pressure until around the late 1980's. Our parents, grand parent, aunts, and uncles that past prior to 1990 did not have any health issues. Most of them took care of themselves until they past away."

I've had this discussion with many others since this discussion to find similar results. I'd like to see other have this conversation with parents and grand parents and tell the readers your results.

We are eating poorly and have forgotten the simple principles of our past which is to have your veggies every day and a balanced meal. We eat out too much and snack on junk and many during their golden years will spend most of their time on medication with tons of side effects. Stay informed about why we should provide our bodies with what we need. Stayinformed.info

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